ExoTerra - IMX - Imuunity Supplement

Is the only organic immunity supplement effectively combining insect and plant proteins with powerful anti oxidants and anti flu enzymes. By supercharging the immune system on a cellular level, IMX optimizes a bio diverse surge of highly concentrated micro nutrients effectively combating any sickness or infection.
Working with the bodies immune system by accelerating recovery through allocating a sustained release of antioxidants, vitamins, and trace minerals, IMX rejuvenates and rehydrates while providing essential nutrients to get through the toughest infections.
Contains clinically tested nutrients that have been individually shown to: 
• Organically supercharges the immune system with powerful antioxidants and anti flu enzymes
• Boost immunity, energy, detoxification, alkalinity, circulation, & focus
• Rich in antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, chlorophyll, super foods, & digestive enzymes
• Increases levels of a proteins that help boost immune system and fight off bacteria and viruses, while Reducing risk of the flu and respiratory infections, including pneumonia
• Highly concentrated, truly green, nutrient rich, raw-sourced ingriedients 
• Contains high concentrated levels of micro nutrients, vitamins, trace minerals, antioxidants and iron
• Readily Combats stuffiness, congestion, sore throat, headache, body aches and further infection at the peak of cold and flu season
• Trigger for over 200 different enzymes and supports the number and function of several different immune cells
• Phyto-nutrients that work as antioxidants, on the cellular level, to promote immunity and protect DNA
• Supports biochemical reactions in the immune system
• Restores and replenishes essential nutrients
• Metabolizes food for energy and stamina 
Protects cells against the effects of free radicals
• Works on a pure cellular level within the body while making healthy blood cells
• Immunity powerhouse that stops germs from growing inside body
• Sustained release over 6-8 hours
• Systemic detoxification of body tissues and toxins from foreign elements 

Contains no heavy metals, microbes or chlorinated pesticides
• High-density, organic rich nutrients
Endurance & stamina enhancer
• Cell hydration and regeneration
• Bio-availability

Reduces inflammation
• Carries oxygen to cells promoting energy
• Systematic dispersal of vitamins and minerals within the blood stream.
• Contains sprouted super grains, complete superfoods, red superfoods
• Full spectrum antioxidants, adaptogen, & adrenal support
• Probiotic cultures
• Digestive enzymes
• Liver support
• Support optimal health and performance

IMX Is a pure organic supplement containing the below ingredients 
Plant & Insect Proteins, Enzymes, Organics
Trace Minerals
• Organic BUG
• Iron
• Omega 3
• Organic Crickets
• Copper
• Omega 6 
• Organic Weaver Ants
• Magnesium
• Omega 9
• Organic BUG
• Zinc
• A
• Organic Spirulina
• Riboflavin
• B1
• Organic Bee Pollen
• Niacin
• B2
• Organic Honey
• Potassium
• B3
• Organic Elder Berry
• Sodium
• B5
• Organic Bee Pollen
• Manganese
• B6
• Organic Chlorella
• Beta Carotene
• B8
• Organic Garlic
• Chromium
• B12
• Organic Coconut
• Chlorophyll
• C
• Organic Cayenne
• Zeaxanthin
• D
• Organic Mint
• Calcium
• E
• Organic Matcha Green Tea
• Phosphorus
• K1
• Organic Wheat Grass
• Folate
• K2 
• Organic Fo-Ti Root
• Pantothenic Acid
• Organic Reishi Mushrooms
• Fluoride
• Organic Beet Root
• Phytosterols
• Organic Echinacea
• Retinol
• Organic Goldenseal
• Alpha Carotene
• Organic Ashwaganda
• Cryptoxanthin
• Organic St Johns Wort
• Lycopene
• Organic Turmeric
• Boron
• Organic Licorice Root
• Molybdenum
• Organic Flax Seed
• Fiber
• Organic Chia Seeds
• Folic Acid
• Organic Colostrum
• Linoleate iodine
• Organic Ginger Root
• Choline
• Organic Ginseng
• Betaine
• Organic Acerola Cherry
• Selenium
• Organic Himalayan Salt
• Biotin
• Organic Lemon
• Lutein 
• Organic Astragalus Root
• Organic Olive Leaf
Organic Cats Claw
• Oraganic Calendula
• Organic Yin Chiao
• Organic Pau D'arco
• Organic Berberine
• Organic Aloe Vera
• Organic Andrographis


As with all our organic products , we take a certain pride in saying there are none of the following elements in any of our supplements


• No GMOs 
• No artificial flavors
• No artificial colors
• No artificial sweeteners
• No preservatives
• No Toxins
• No dairy
• No soy ingredients
• No Fillers


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