ExoTerra | Company Profile

• Recognizing the ongoing necessity for sustainable food securities and global climate change, entomologist Mason Mckay had the concept for ExoTerra. 
Starting in 2016 as a passion that evolved into an eco friendly company, ExoTerra developed a sustainable organic food securities platform 

• Having strong core values was important to us. We started with the fundamentals of  passion, integrity, and education. 
• By having the passion we are able to constantly move forward with new creative concepts and ideas that help the planets eco structure. 
• By having the integrity were able to build a solid foundation of information, and moral practices in the development of our product.
• By helping to better educate people and corporations on climate change and sustainable food technologies, we create a value system that implores others to do the same. 
Our Team
• Currently we have a small team of 12 amazing people who make all the difference with our product and education. We work very closely together with a passion for saving the planet and its natural resources. Each person is well qualified in the many fields we work in and is constantly evolving and educating others to bring about a positive change to both the environment and insect protein exploration. 
What We Do
ExoTerra develops sustainable eco-friendly food securities and technologies based off plant and insect proteins. We are the first company to successfully combine organic plant and insect proteins together in organic supplements. 
Why We Do It 
• Our passion for botany and entomology, led to the discovery of a synergy between both phylums. By recognizing climate change and a need for sustainable food securities enabled us to produce organic sustainable supplements that can benefit a multitude of platforms and people. Once we started this creation process we discovered economical and ecological ways to help the planet and people.
How We Do It
• Through constant research and working with indigenous cultures is enabling us to be on the forefront of this field. Each eco system we work with opens new pathways and allows us to bring about new ideas and studies.
Private Company 
• Wanting to focus on the integrity and structure of the company we have kept it in a private status. Similar to " The cart before the horse scenario " we believe in doing things the right way ( not the get rich quick way ) while keeping the team of people involved with it small and passionate. Keeping the company in a private status allows a more precise oversee of everyday projects, financials, and interior building    
As of 2016 We are a positive earnings company with no negative equity or debts, we stared self funded and currently remain that way. We own and operate the company 100% 
Contributing to multiple charities, indigenous studies, and disaster relief is one of our main priorities. By giving back aides us to not only help, but to as well educate, plus it's a great feeling to be able to make a difference in a positive way. By Remaining true to our sustainability and eco friendly core values, we can contribute to the economic platform too. Currently we are involved with over 100 different charities and organizations and hope to work with many more as we grow.
Ted X
Spreading ideas and knowledge is not only one of our core values but, is also shared with TED Talks. We are actively pursuing new ideas and technologies on different platforms and TED is one of the best. Currently we are planning to be a speaker at there conference to share the education of entomology.
Global Alliances & Partners 
Learning from indigenous cultures, organic farmers, and insect cultivators has immensely helped us to cultivate the best possible organic supplements. Working with different people and cultures opens a diversity that continues the spread of new ideas and technologies. Were building new friendships and partners daily and will continue to do so.


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