-"It Only Take One Person To Start A Revolution"


In late 2014, trekking the Umphang wildlife sanctuary in northern Thailand,  ( known for its dense tropical jungles and hostile environment ), we faced a dire problem. Running out of food, clean water, and sanity, we were quickly facing a survival situation. As faced with any situation you quickly figure out what you need to do to make it through it. That night as we made fire, we noticed an abundance of insects that would gather towards the flames. Seeking warmth, many of them would get too close and ended up roasting themselves. Ironically this was also the night our food supply ran out, and as our hunger grew, we had little choice but to get our proteins from insects....thus our idea began. 

 As we began consuming insects ( crickets, scorpions, and termites ) along with native plant species, we noticed an almost instantaneous synergy within our bodies. Our energy levels, stamina and overall mental clarity was dramatically improved. The next morning our bodies were feeling replenished enough to make it out of the jungle. This than started the concept of ExoTerra.

Creating an organic company solely based off plant and insect proteins wasn't are only goal. We wanted to develop a product completely sustainable to both the planet and a healthy lifestyle. With the ongoing destruction of our planets eco systems and the growing population, we felt the need to better educate the world with sustainable food technologies and securities. 

When starting the concept of an organic company, dealing primarily with plant and insects, we faced the problem of "Yuck" or "Gross, im not eating bugs." This problem was quickly remedied with one thing ...capsules. We understood that the average person wouldn't want to eat a crispy cricket or ingest termites, let alone a scorpion, we too were a little skeptical. We also needed a way to keep the insects and plant proteins fresh with no loss of nutrients. Hence freeze drying / dehydration and fine course grinding ( think coffee bean grinding and you'll get it )

These methods make it perfect for a multiple of uses, once the proteins are in a powder form the versatility of the product is limitless. This was not an easy process as we spent over two years perfecting this method to insure all the nutrients and proteins didn't loose their effectiveness.    


To Help keep our product sustainable and eco friendly, it was important to hold true to the values of why we established it.

  • Develop sustainable eco friendly technologies and food securities from organic plant and insect proteins
  • Produce a pure sustainable organic product line, based on plants, insects, and organic nutrients 
  • Non Carbon foot print affecting climate change and clean energy positively 
  • Preservation of our natural resources 
  • Spread education and aid to the surrounding nations 

Our products are pure and organic. We take the time to research every vitamin, mineral and protein within our products to offer the purest organic nutrients available. 

We use all human grade organically fed insects harvested on our own FDA approved insect farms.


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