ExoTerra - Bio Proteins

BioProtein™ Supercharges the body on a cellular level with over 20,000 unique organic plant and insect proteins making it the cleanest, purest, and most advanced organic supplement to date.

BioProtein™ is developed from an organic bio fusion between plant cell and insect proteins binding with natural enzymes, trace minerals, and probiotics. This patent pending process developed from our ( A.S.A.P.S) research and development team, provides the body with an unprecedented amount of organic antioxidants, rich phytonutrients, enzyme proteins, and an abundance of high density superfoods, boosting cellular regeneration. These micro nutrients fuse with the body on a cellular level strengthening and building lean muscle while increasing stamina, energy, focus, and detoxification.

BioProtein™ is Formulated with our O² Science™(Oxygenated Energy Synthesis)  Increasing rapid oxygen intake to the bloodstream, and yielding the highest percentage rate of nutritional absorption. This process maximizes the oxygen to bloodstream ratio surging nutrients throughout the entire body. 

BioProtein™ allows a sustainable 8 - 12 hour nutrient rich release effectively throughout the day.

BioProtein™ Is a pure organic supplement containing the below ingredients   


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