Supercharges the body on a cellular level with over 20,000 unique human grade plant and insect proteins. These proteins are biofused with anti oxidants, phytonutrients, and high density superfoods, all in a ready to drink biodegradable pouch.

Originally developed for elite military teams, search & rescue, & triatholons. BioPro™ became a vital part of our A.S.A.P.S™ ( Advanced Sustained Amino Protein Systems ) due to its immense ingredients of life sustaining micro nutrients. Designed to be deployed as a fast, effective, complete protein source, packed with organic micro nutrients. BioPro's ingredient rich nutrients help the body to exceed any operations physical demands in almost any type of disaster or environment, all while supplying the essential vitamins and nutrients it needs to thrive.

BioPro™ helps benefit the body by the following.

• Pure Organic Nutrients
• Developed As A Pure Organic Energy & Protein Supplement
• Sustains Energy & Protein Delivery For Hours Of Physical Operations 
• Immediate Dispersion Of Infused Bio Nutrients
• Complete Protein Source With Over 1000 Micro Rich Nutrients
• Superior Absorption Rate Of Bio Nutrients
• Helps To Increase Nitric Oxide Production For Sustained Energy 
• Cell Hydration & Regeneration 
• Aids In Increasing Oxygen Supply To Blood & Circulatory System
• May Enhance Clarity & Mental Focus
• Helps To Increase Muscle Fullness While Increasing Lean Gain 
• Aerobic & Anaerobic Capacity, & Enhance Mental Focus
• Aids In Detoxifying  Body Tissues Of Toxins & Foreign Elements 
• Originally Developed For Elite Military Teams
• Helps To Strengthen Immunity System & Fatigue Recovery
• Able To Be Stored For Long Periods Of Time
• Disaster Relief Ready

• ( Results may vary per individual lifestyle and diet )

an organic bio fusion between plant cell and insect proteins

BioPro™ was developed as an organic bio fusion between plant cell and insect proteins binding with natural enzymes, trace minerals, and probiotics. This patent pending process developed from our (Bio Proteins™) research and development team provides the body with an unprecedented amount of organic antioxidants, rich phytonutrients, enzyme proteins and an abundance of high density superfoods. These micro nutrients fuse with the body on a cellular level helping to increase stamina, energy, focus, and detoxification.



Crickets | Meal Worms | Saharan Termites | Black Forest Ants
Armor Tail Scorpions | Asian Silk Worms | Rhino Beetle


Goji Berries  |  Cacao  | Maca Root  |  Manuka Honey  |  Yerba Mate
Bee Pollen | Chlorella  | Spirulina | Coconut | Moringa Leaf | Mint
Matcha Green Tea |  Wheat Grass | Fo-Ti Root | Reishi Mushrooms
Beet Root | Kelp | Camu Camu | Ashwaganda | Lemon | Ginseng
Monk Fruit | Turmeric | Aloe Vera | Flax Seed | Chia Seed | Shiajit
Acai Berry | Ginger Root | Grape Seeds | Ginko Biloba | Guarana
Cayenne | Himalayan Salt | Pomegranate 

Oxygenated Energy Synthesis

Formulated with our O² ™ (Oxygenated Energy Synthesis) aiding in Increased rapid oxygen intake to the bloodstream, and yielding a superior percentage rate of nutritional absorption. This process helps maximizes the oxygen to bloodstream ratio surging micro nutrients throughout the entire body. ....

BioPro was designed to be deployed in an air tight containment system comprised of a biodegradable soft flex squeeze pouch. This system helps to  immediately disperse and infuse bio nutrients to the body. This immediate infusion instantly refreshes the body with a rush of proteins, minerals, herbs, enzymes, probiotics, antioxidants, and vitamins, helping the body to sustain intense activities  and endurance.



Copper | Magnesium | Zinc |  Iron | Riboflavin | Niacin | Potassium Manganese | Sea Salt | Chromium | Beta Carotene | Chlorophyll Zeaxanthin | Calcium | Phosphorus | Pantothenic Acid | Folate Phytosterols | Retinol | Alpha Carotene | Cryptoxanthin | Fiber Lycopene | Boron | Molybdenum | Folic Acid | Linoleate | Iodine Choline | Betaine | Selenium | Biotin | Lutein 


A | B1 | B2 | B3 | B5 | B6 | B8 | B12 | C | D | E | K1 | K2              Omega 3 | Omega 6  | Omega 9  



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Uncover the Secret Weapon of Elite Military Units: A Powerful Organic Antibiotic.