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Donations are crucial to our companies growth, as we our constantly developing new sustainable technologies and exploring new ideas. Entomology and botany our incredibly complex, with having a multitude of applications. Currently we are beta testing a new enzyme that allows bio diversity throughout our product and supplement line. This would not be possible without continued support and donations. 

Each donation helps to propel our company forward while enabling us to continue our research and development. Not only are we able to continue with our R&D, but we are able to deplore resources to our clean energy and disaster relief programs. These programs are just as important to our company as were helping to keep our natural resources and contribute to helping people in need.

 Donations can be excepted in any amount and also on a monthly basis. If you would be interested in donating monthly, please email us to let us know and we will set up a private account for you that may be used as a tax deduction.

Please feel free to email us directly to allow us to answer any questions or concerns you may have at mason@exoticproteins.com we appreciate any dollar amount that helps us to help the future of our planet.



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