Originally developed for elite military teams, teir one ops, and survival rescue missions A.S.A.P.S ™ ( Advanced Sustained Amino Protein Systems ) were designed to be deployed fast, effective, and packed with organic micro nutrientscapable of meeting any operations physical demands in any type of environment. 

A.S.A.P.S ™ yield a superior absorption rate over other organic supplements. Composed of over 1000 different organic plant and insect proteins, Anti oxidants, phyto nutrients, omega's  These include organically raised armor tail scorpions, cultured organic spirulina, Tibetan goji berries and more. ( complete ingredient listing below )

A.S.A.P.S ™ are designed within an air tight containment system comprised of a biodegradable soft flex squeeze pouch. Able to immediately disperse and infuse bio nutrients to the body. This immediate infusion instantly refreshes the body with a rush of proteins, minerals, herbs, enzymes, probiotics, antioxidants, and vitamins, allowing the body to sustain intense stamina and endurance.

A.S.A.P.S ™ were pioneered by Mason Mckay while active as a defense contractor over seas, engaging in hostile environments for days at a time. He realized a need for something that would provide an abundance of sustained energy and protein for hours and not have a jittery effect or a low energy crash. Something that was 100% organic, and not based off high levels of sugar or chemical properties.

With over 2 years of research and development, A.S.A.P.S ™ came to be developed as the most effective organic energy and protein supplement, capable of delivering organic bio nutrients to the body. Currently used around the world for its continuous results and established nutrient base.

A.S.A.P.S ™ packaging follows our sustainable guidelines as well as being FDA approved and biodegradable materials. Easily stored for any situation, climate or environmental disaster.

A.S.A.P.S ™ have been used for a majority of our disaster relief efforts too. Most recently they have been used in Syria to help the refugees fleeing from their war torn country. Previous to that we aided the red cross in Haiti to aid with earthquake and cholera out breaks.


A.S.A.P.S ™ benefit the body by the following.

• 100% Organic nutrients
• Developed as the purest organic energy and protein supplement
• Sustaines energy and protein delivery for hours of physical operations 
• Immediate dispersion infused bio nutrients
• Complete protein source with over 1000 micro rich nutrients
• Delivers organic bio nutrients at 70% Superior absorption rate
• Increased nitric oxide production for sustained energy 
• Cell hydration and regeneration 
• Increased oxygen supply to blood and circulatory system
• Enhanced clarity and mental focus
• Increased muscle fullness while increasing lean gain 
• Aerobic and anaerobic capacity, and enhance mental focus
• Detoxifies body tissues of toxins and foreign elements 
• No jitters or low energy crash
• Originally developed for elite military teams
• Strengthens immunity system and recovery
• Able to be stored for long periods of time
• Disaster relief ready


Uncover the Secret Weapon of Elite Military Units: A Powerful Organic Antibiotic.