Currently on the forefront of the entomology sub culture allows us to entertain outside investment options. Our research and development team is constantly pioneering new innovations and scientific techniques, that as investor may have lucrative returns. We enjoy working with competent investors that understand our companies goals and core values.

If your interested in discussing any potential investment opportunities please contact us directly via email at mason@exoterraorganics.com and let us know a little about yourself or company. We look forward to setting up a meeting and going over new frontiers and opportunities to invest in with our company.

Please be sure to discuss the following key points below so we can pair you with the proper investment opportunity. As with all investors we conduct a due diligence profile/background check for both your safety and ours with all investments


Please email back your responses to the below questions with as much info as possible and we will be in contact with you.


• Contact Info ( Full Name, Address, Phone, Email )

• Social Media Accounts ( Twitter, FaceBook, Insatagram, Linkedin )

• Current financial situation ( Are you able to invest )

• Who do you bank with ?

• Credit History ( Fico Score, any bankruptcies , delinquencies ) 

• Have you ever been accused of or committed a crime or convicted of a felony ?

• Are you on any medications ?

• What interests you with our company ?

• What are you looking to get out of investing with us ?

• What makes you a good investor with our company ?

• Are you looking for a quick return ?

• Have you lost money on any investments ?

• What do you expect from our company ?

• Do you have any current investments ?

• Do you have any pets ?

• Are you an animal activist ?

• Do you believe in climate change ?

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