ExoTerra - Bio Protein Capsules

Exotic Proteins - Bio Protein Fusion Created By Entomologist Mason Mckay

BioProtein™ Capsules Supercharge the body on a cellular level with over 20,000 unique organic plant and insect proteins making it the cleanest, purest, and most advanced organic supplement to date. Available now in a vegetarian capsule easily digested providing the same results as our BioProtein powder.

BioProtein™ is developed from an organic bio fusion between plant cell and insect proteins binding with natural enzymes, trace minerals, and probiotics, boosting cellular regeneration. This patent pending process known as "Bio Protein Synthesis", developed by Mason Mckay from ( R.T.E.P.S™) research and development team, provides the body with an unprecedented amount of organic antioxidants, rich phytonutrients, enzyme proteins and an abundance of high density superfoods. These micro nutrients fuse with the body on a cellular level increasing stamina, energy, focus, and detoxification.

BioProtein™ is Formulated with our O² ™ (Oxygenated Energy Elements) Increasing rapid oxygen intake to the bloodstream, and yielding the highest percentage rate of nutritional absorption. This process maximizes the oxygen to bloodstream ratio surging nutrients throughout the entire body. 

BioProtein™ capsules allows a sustainable 8 - 12 hour nutrient rich release effectively throughout the day.

BioProtein™ was developed as both a renewable and sustainable protein source, working on a symbiotic relationship as detailed below.

• Plants are organically grown from different kinds of fertilized soils with charcoal filtered water and balanced sun light.
• Organically Farmed insects than feed on the organic plant base breaking down the plant cell enzymes by digestion, forming an organic symbiosis (Insect fertilizes The plant base soil with its frass, creating circular sustainability)
• Insect DNA is than combined with plant cell DNA, creating a bio fusion between the insect and plant cells.
• Enzymes, trace minerals, and pro biotics are than able to bind with the new DNA structure creating a cellular regeneration providing Bioprotein synthesis 
• Insects are then harvested organically, making it consumable in different forms
• Our Bioproteins capsules consist of an abundance of organic essential nutrients each perfectly blended for the cleanest deliverance to the body.


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