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Exoterra's research comes from dedication and passion, while our development comes from persistence and knowledge. Having the passion of being in the field consistently became the fundamentals to our research and development. By closely working with over 2000 different kinds of organic insect and plant species, allows us to consistently perfect our unique product line. Our research sets us apart by taking more of a "get your hands dirty" approach. By doing this we have learned an abundance of knowledge about each organisms properties, cell structure, and how they coincide with other elements. Realistically both insects and plants have more nutrients both combined and individually than any other protein source known. 

Currently we are able to create over 1000 different synergies with different elements of both phylums. Studying these two different genomes and their diversified cell structure, opens a plethora of new discoveries. This has led to new food securities and sustainable technology platforms worldwide. Our most recent studies showed that combining organic trace elements with minerals, and vitamins, along with organic herbs and roots enables us to produce a far superior health supplement.

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Taking our R&D platform global has provided an immense amount of knowledge and science. By working closely with indigenous people has enabled us to move forward with new techniques and ideas. These new innovations have aided us to produce a multitude of new organic supplements, ranging anywhere from increased energy and sexual wellness to detox and disease treatments. Working with indigenous people and tribal cultures has opened up new ways to understand how to sustain food securities while coming full circle in the planets sustainability.

Our planets sustainability and food securities led us to develop research facilities with specially designed organic environments for both our insects and plants. This allows them to grow and thrive in a clean sustainable environment able to be controlled and monitored. Having an organic facility allows us to implement new ideas and techniques in soil and fertilizing methods as well.

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The best part of our research and development is the passion to keep moving forward with new discoveries. We are learning everyday, as this is truly a pioneers field. There are no boundaries and the frontier is wide open, best of all its a sustainable resource with millions of years for a track record of health and wellness.

Currently we are studying in depth the following  |

• Indigenous Cultures and Tribes ( Insect / Plant ) Environments 
• Organic Soil / Eco Friendly / Sustainable Environment 
• Organic Feed, Trace Elements, Enriched Soil / Dirt 
• Hands On, ( No Machinery ) Production / Insect / Plant harvesting
• New sustainable Food/Securities Technologies from Indigenous Cultures of Insects and Plants 
• Disaster Relief Aid with Insect and Plant Based Nutrients 

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