ExoTerra - R.T.E.P - Ready To Eat Proteins


Originally developed for elite military teams, teir one ops, and survival rescue missions R.T.E.P.S ( Ready To Eat Protein Systems ) were designed to be fast, effective and packed with organic nutrients to meet any operations physical demands. 

As a private military contractor, sometimes in active and hostile environments for days at a time, I saw a need for such a product. Something that would give me sustained energy and protein for hours and not make me jittery or cause a low energy crash. I needed a supplement that was 100% organic, and not based off high levels of sugar or chemical properties.

With over 2 years of research and development, R.T.E.P.S came to be developed as the most effective organic energy and protein supplement, capable of delivering organic bio nutrients to the body. Composed of over 300 different organic plant cell and insect proteins, including Organically raised armor tail scorpions, cultured organic spirulina, and Tibetan goji berries. ( complete ingredient listing below ) R.T.E.P.S are able to be consumed in seconds with the benefit of instant absorption rate. 


• Organic nutrients
• Complete protein source with over 1000 micro rich nutrients
• Increased nitric oxide production for sustained energy 
• Cell hydration and regeneration 
• Increased oxygen supply to blood and circulatory system
• Enhanced clarity and mental focus
• Increased muscle fullness while increasing lean gain 
• Aerobic and anaerobic capacity, and enhance mental focus
• Detoxifies body tissues of toxins and foreign elements 

Xo² Is a pure organic supplement containing the below ingredients 




enzymes, vitamins, trace minerals and herbs. 

organically farmed beet root. ( complete ingredient listing below )


 R.T.E.P.S are able to be consumed in seconds with the benefit of instant absorption rate.


I beta tested this product for over 2 years, in different environments, climates, operations, travels, etc.

i was constantly asked " How do you have so much energy " i replied "R.T.E.P.S"



Developed as the cleanest organic energy supplement derived from plant cell and insect proteins. Xo² is the most advanced sustained energy supplement that
systematically disperses rich micro nutrients into the bloodstream. This synergy creates an abundance of Nitric Oxide production and increased oxygen intake
100 times more efficient than any other supplement. Providing the body the power to perform while sustaining itself under the most extreme physical conditions. 






Working with many teams and situations I observed their wasn't anything like R.T.E.P.S

I also wanted quick and convenience as well, I didnt want some bulky food item that would be stuck in my pockets or unable to access when i needed it.

I wanted something that would be right on the front line with me, something to grab in a second, take it, and put it right back within in seconds.

Thus i created "R.T.E.P.S"


on the go , sustasinable and recyable  



• 100% organic

• Developed as the purest organic energy/protein supplement

• Sustained energy and protein for hours

• No jitters or energy crash 



 food in a tube

i wanted to develop both an energy supplement much like a " pre workout supplement youd find in a heath store " but i need it to be purely organic and sustainable, i as well wanted it to be a comprehesive all in one supplement that would sustain my energy and provide me with protein and vitamins to get me through the mission 

i also wanted quick and conveince as well, i didnt want some bulky food item that would be stuck in my pockets or unable to access, i wanted something that would be right on the front line with me, something to grab in a second and take and put right back.

i came up with an idea of the supplement in a tothpaste like tude that would fit any kind of plate carierier or magazine pouch, i model RTEPS to be fast and easy acces and to work with just the flip of a cap, ingest and slap righ back into your magazine holder 

now available for the adventurest, survivalist and 


Staying hydrated and fueled during races is not as complicated as you might think.

Take one look around your work environment and it’s usually pretty easy to spot the runner in the room: water bottle within arm’s reach, banana and energy bar sitting atop her desk, and drawers so full of snacks you’d swear she was selling them to coworkers.

When in training, runners are always keeping a close eye on what, when and how much they’re putting into their bodies throughout the day. But when race day rolls around the questions inevitably start to surface. Did I eat enough for breakfast? Am I well hydrated? When should I pop my first gel pack? How often should I drink? Do I try a sports drink at Mile 12 or just stick to water?

The answers, of course, are going to vary by the athlete, but regardless of your ability level the last thing you want to be doing is doubting yourself on race day. You must toe the starting line feeling confident in your training, and it’s just as important to be sure of your fueling strategy as well.

Use the tips offered below to keep your gas tank full the next time you go the distance on race day.


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