ExoTerra - Charities


We developed Each of our eco products for a specific purpose. Along with that purpose we designate a charity to be associated with them. For example, our sustained energy supplement ,"Xo2" is associated with saving the Black Horn Rhino. For every sale of Xo2 we donate a portion of the profits to this organization. The Save The Rhino foundation drastically helps make a difference in saving and preserving these beautiful creatures.

Other Charities we believe strongly in are the Ocean Conservancy, Sea Shepard Conservation Society and Rainforest Alliance. These organizations drastically help the planets oceans and tropical rainforests by making people aware of how to live more sustainably. They as well help to educate and show the results of how we endanger our oceans and forests daily. If we loose our oceans and forest than we loose our planet.

Being involved with multiple charities and organizations has lead to meeting many more people who share our concerns. We recently have explored Ted Talks and been asked as a speaker to share our knowledge of our companies science and new food technologies and securities.

If you know of a charity that that shares our beliefs, please let us know and we will happily research it to see if were able to contribute. Below our some of the many charities and organizations we are currently working with or will be in the future.


Animal Charities
Environmental Charities
Humanitarian Charities
Animal Equality 
Bread For The World
Honey Bee Sanctuary
Red Cross
Environmental Defense Fund
Ted Talks
Mercy For Animals 
National Geographic 
The Hunger Project
Sea Shepard Conservation Society
The Human League 
Rainforest Alliance




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