ExoTerra - Insect Powder Capsules


• ExoTerra insect protein powder is 100% organic, consisting of a smooth finely milled insect powder available in capsules. Each capsule provides your body with an abundance of protein, micro nutrients and essential vitamins and minerals. Easily digested providing the same results as our Insect protein powder.

• All insects are human food grade and undergo strict guidelines and hygiene standards before and after harvesting.

• Insects are incredibly sustainable to our planets well being and have an immensely positive effect on climate change, food securities, and sustainable technologies. When compared to beef, chicken, and other proteins, most insects fall within the below statistics.

• Growth rate 13x Faster 
• Drink 2000x Less Water 
• Consume 12x Less Feed
• Require 2000x Less Land 
• Emit 100x Less Greenhouse Gases 


• 100% organically raised 
• All insects are Organic certified and fed organic grains and vegetables
• Sustainable superfood
• Pesticide and GMO free
• Paleo
• Gluten free 
• Most insects Contain 50 - 80% protein, more calcium than in milk, more iron than in spinach, and almost 20 times more B12 than in beef
• Double the protein vs. beef
• More B12 than salmon or beef
• 9x More Omega's than wild salmon
• Packed with nutritional benefits
• High in amino acids
• High levels of zinc, magnesium, and B6
• Helps promote better sleep
• Able to be shipped world wide


• Product shelf life and freshness is based on 12 Months from date of manufacture when stored under recommended conditions

• This product is produced and processed under hygienic conditions. Product is not irradiated, treated with sewer sludge, or produced with genetically modified materials.  

• The process of converting insects into powder / flour involves cleaning, freezing, roasting, cooling, grinding and fine milling. The insect powder is then packed and sealed in air tight environmental safe packaging

• Please note: people with seafood or nut allergies might also have sensitivities to insects.


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