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ExoTerra organic scorpion powder is truly unique. Effectively supplying 78% protein (g) per scorpion, (78% per 100g) It is one of our most nutrient and protein rich powders we offer. Our scorpion powder is of the highest grade organic insect protein on the market. Made from 100% sustainable organic human grade scorpions. Providing your body with an abundance of superior clean proteins, micro nutrients, essential vitamins, trace minerals and omega's. No fillers or additives, just pure organic scorpions, milled into a fine powder.

Scorpion Protein Nutritional Value per (100/g)
Protein (g) 78.91
Energy (g)
Vitamin B12 (Cobalamin) (ug) 
Fat (g) 
Fibre (g) 
Carbohydrates (g) 
Fiber, total dietary (g) 
Sugars (g) 

• 100% organic human grade scorpions 
• Finely milled to powder / flour 
• 78% - 80% Protein per scorpion
• All scorpions are organic certified and fed organic grains and vegetables
• Contains 78% protein, more calcium than in milk, more iron than in spinach, and   almost 20 times more B12 than in beef
• Contains the main branched-chain amino acids ( BCAA'S )
• Excellent for all fitness and post recovery work outs
• Helps protect against colds, flu, and infections diseases
• Triple the protein vs beef
• More B12 than salmon, beef, or chicken
• 9x more omega's than wild salmon
• Packed with nutritional benefits
• High in amino acids
• High levels of zinc, magnesium, and B6
• Helps promote better sleep 
• Able to be shipped world wide 
• Sustainable superfood
• Pesticide and GMO free
• Paleo
• Gluton free
• No GMOs 
• No artificial flavors
• No artificial colors
• No artificial sweeteners
• No preservatives
• No Toxins
• No dairy
• No soy ingredients
• No Fillers

• Able to be shipped world wide  
• Product shelf life and freshness is based on 12 Months from date of manufacture when stored under recommended conditions
• This product is produced and processed organically under hygienic conditions. Product is not irradiated, treated with sewer sludge, or produced with genetically modified materials.
• The process of converting scorpion into scorpion powder involves cleaning, freezing, roasting, cooling and grinding. The scorpion powder is then packed in an eco friendly packaging and readied for shipping  
• Please note people with seafood or nut allergies might also have sensitivities to insects.

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