ExoTerra - Disaster Relief Children



Disasters strike with out warning, drastically effecting families and children. Recognizing this we have refined a process to supply a disaster situation with life-sustaining protein.

By Providing RTEPs,® ( Ready-To-Eat-Proteins ) we can provide life-sustaining organic insect protein. RTEPs,® are packaged and readily available in a powder or capsule form for ease of digestion and body absorption. Organic Insect protein is a complete protein able to sustain the body in any environment or situation. 

Currently we are using RTEPs,® as a success and have been able to supply over 12 nations directly impacted by a disaster.




They argue that 30 percent of all land is devoted to livestock production, a proportion that is unsustainable as the world’s population grows. 

One hundred grams of cricket powder has almost two-and-a-half times as much protein as beef. To get that protein, though, someone has to grow the crickets.

aren’t known to foster bacteria like salmonella and listeria that can make people sick 

It’s the most abundant classification on earth, and we don’t use it

focused on a nutritional supplement that would mix into something else, like a powder blended into pasta dough.

health-food aficionados will drive a supply and manufacturing system that will make the powder common enough to go into crisis food supplements. 



The U.S. Department of Agriculture to refine the process, test for allergies and do other research..

( explain ways to make the food , ready to eat and pass out in an emergency

Crickets can provide life-sustaining protein to malnourished children in developing countries.


The wonderful thing about cricket flour is that it can be baked into pastries, cakes, bread, tortilla chips—all sorts of things that wouldn’t have much protein otherwise. It’s a very exciting prospect, and I definitely see cricket flour becoming popular as an ingredient.”


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