ExoTerra - Disaster Relief - Bolivia, South America


Currently in support of Bolivia as a survival rescue mission, we are actively deploying R.T.E.P.S ™ ( Ready To Eat Protein Systems ) to help relieve the current draught effects Bolivia is facing. As the worst drought in over 25 years, A state of emergency has been declared and is on the increase daily, with multitudes of people and animals facing starvation and death. 

Bolivia's government declared the state of emergency due to water shortages in large swaths of the country. The declaration comes after 172 of the country's 339 municipalities declared their own emergencies related to the drought.

Bolivia's drought has affected 125,000 families and threatened 290,000 hectares (716 605 acres) of agricultural land and 360,000 heads of cattle. The Corque municipality has been hit particularly hard, according to a report from the Pan American Health Organisation, and 70% of the population lacks drinking water. 

Currently deploying R.T.E.P.S ™ ( Ready To Eat Protein Systems ) to help relieve their constant struggle to survive, we are also asking for any type of donation to further aid in relief. Every donation dollar goes to help Bolivia's current situation by supplying both food and water to the people in desperate need.

We personally thank you for your generosity in this environmental disaster, and hope to end it soon.


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